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Join bargNhunt as a Sales and Customer Success Manager and play a pivotal role in revolutionizing retail clearance strategies. Drive growth and ensure success by recruiting and supporting major retailers in our dynamic beta testing program.

About bargNhunt

bargNhunt is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize how retailers manage clearance sales by providing precise targeting and real-time customer engagement. Our platform enables retailers to optimize inventory clearance and enhance customer experiences through targeted deals that drive traffic and sales. For more information, visit bargNhunt.


  • Retailer Recruitment for Beta Testing: Proactively recruit retailers to join the bargNhunt beta testing program, highlighting the benefits and unique opportunities the platform offers.
  • Onboarding Retailers: Guide new retailers through the setup and implementation of bargNhunt, ensuring they fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.
  • Feedback Collection and Response: Manage and respond to feedback collected through the dashboard, addressing retailers’ needs and enhancing platform usability.
  • Relationship Management: Act as the main point of contact for retailers, fostering strong relationships, resolving issues, and maintaining high satisfaction levels.
  • Sales Support and Development: Engage with potential and existing clients to increase platform adoption and utilization. Identify opportunities for upselling and enhancing retailer engagement with additional features.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Monitor usage and performance metrics, providing insights to both the company and the clients to improve outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Educational Resources: Create and distribute educational materials such as tutorials and FAQs, and conduct training sessions to ensure retailers can maximize the benefits of using bargNhunt.

Skills Needed

  • Excellent Communication: Proficient in communicating effectively with diverse clients and team members.
  • Strong Organizational Skills: Capable of managing multiple tasks and priorities efficiently.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Aptitude for identifying and resolving issues swiftly and effectively.
  • Technical Knowledge: Understand the technical aspects of the bargNhunt platform to assist retailers with any inquiries or issues.
  • Customer Focus: Dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and deepening client relationships.


This role is primarily commission-based, with potential for a minimal base salary based on company standards and budget. Commissions are awarded for both initial postings and reposts by recruited retailers:

  • Initial Postings: $1.50 per posting for REGIONAL_BUSINESS and $2.00 per posting for NATIONAL_BUSINESS.
  • Reposts: $0.75 per repost for REGIONAL_BUSINESS and $1.00 per repost for NATIONAL_BUSINESS.

To Apply

Please submit your resume (if applicable) along with a cover letter. In your cover letter, we specifically request that you address the following:

  • Relevance of Experience: Describe how your previous job experiences align with the responsibilities of the Sales and Customer Success Manager role at bargNhunt.
  • Strategic Approach: Explain your approach to effectively recruit retailers for our beta testing program. Highlight any relevant experiences where you have successfully managed similar tasks.
  • Customer Success Philosophy: Share your philosophy on customer success and relationship management. Include specific strategies you would employ to ensure high retailer satisfaction and retention.
  • Technical Competency: Given the technical aspects of the bargNhunt platform, discuss any relevant skills or experiences that demonstrate your capability to support retailers with technical inquiries or challenges.
  • Contribution to bargNhunt: Most importantly, please articulate how you envision contributing to the growth and success of bargNhunt, specifically through the dual lenses of sales and customer success.

Why This Matters

Your responses will help us understand your capabilities and fit for the role, ensuring that we recruit a team member who can not only meet the demands of the position but also drive bargNhunt forward during this crucial phase of our development.

Submission Details: Please send your application materials to [info at].

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